The perilous process of graduation

After almost four years of classes, papers, coffee, group work drama, transportation fun,  budget cuts and the hullabaloo of getting a football team, my time at Georgia State is almost done! This, of course, means it’s time to graduate. You would expect this to be easy, right?

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You might be a freshman if…

This makes me feel old. (From JoeInSouthernCA on Flickr, Creative Commons license)

Hi folks. Riot Campus’ new Senior Correspondent here…no, literally, I am a senior–class of 2011–now if only GSU would approve my graduation application! I’ve known Emily and Ruthie since we were hustlin’ at the Druid Hills High paper together. Good times. (I’m now with the Signal at GSU and love it…always try to work for your school paper if you are interested in journalism!!)

I digress. I present a little humor as my first contribution to this blog. You know Jeff Foxworthy’s goofy “You might be a redneck if” schtick? Well, let’s morph that into a college-friendly one. YOOOOOU might be a freshman if!

DISCLAIMER: We were all freshmen once. I know. I even committed one of these fashion faux pas once. It’s okay–you can still learn!

You might be a freshman if…

…you still wear your senior class T-shirt or high school hoodie, even though the campus bookstore would be more than happy to sell you college spirit wear.

…you wear your dorm room key around your neck on a lanyard instead of in a bag or pocket.

…college’s more relaxed dress code means spaghetti-strap tanks and the shortest shorts known to humankind (for ladies).

…college’s more relaxed dress code means jeans/shorts slung so low people can see all of your underwear (for gentlemen).

…you go to class in pajamas. (Perhaps this is just a GSU thing but our school is in the middle of downtown Atlanta, surrounded by the seats of both state and county government as well as other businesses. It doesn’t look right, dadgummit! I’m old.)

…you honestly think the campus bookstore offers the lowest prices on books.

…your school hasn’t found some surprising and inventive way to mess with your head yet. (Yet.)

Got any more to add? :)