Avoid the same old: seeking out a new spot in your hometown

If you’re back in your hometown for the summer, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut: you go to the same spots as you did in high school, and do roughly the same things. This is particularly true if you’re under-21 and can’t yet explore your hometown bar scene. However, after about a week, revisiting the same old places can be pretty mind-numbingly boring–here are some times for finding new spots.

  • Hit up Yelp: If you’re looking for a new place to do something you know you like, check out Yelp to see what new places you can do it in. You don’t have to go to the same coffee shop every week–search for a new place in a different neighborhood, for example. Yelp’s also great for telling you if there’s something interesting (like a street festival) going on nearby that you can check out.
  • Take a class: If you’ve got the cash (or you can find a free lecture series), take a class in an art of some kind–perhaps music lessons. This will allow you to pick up a new skill, meet new people (if it’s a group class), and perhaps explore a new part of town if you pick an unfamiliar place for the class to be in.
  • See a show: Most theaters and improv groups need people to volunteer as ushers or concession-sellers for their shows. In addition to being free (yay!) this lets you go see a new event and forces you to interact with whatever culture is going on in your town, which you might not have been doing in high school.
  • Go to the park: It’s summer. Go pick up a frisbee or pack a picnic and find the nearest park. Bonus points if you bring a dog with you.
  • Find college friends who are in town: If you’ve got friends from college who are in the same town as you for the summer and who you didn’t hang out with in high school, hit them up. If they show you their high school hangouts and you show them yours, you will both come away from it with a new set of places. Win-win!

Returning home for the summer, particularly if you’re living with your parents, can make you feel like you’re in high school again–and not in the good way. By forcing yourself to get out of your routine, you can lower your stress levels and experience your town in a whole new way.


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